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Zeroing In On YOUR Own Style!

I always tell my clients who are on a budget, to start with the essentials and build their wardrobe "one piece at a time".

Emptying out your closet can be challenging, emotional, and EXPENSIVE! No worries though, because some of your favorites pieces doesn’t have to be thrown out. If it’s not worn out, old, stinky, and wholly, keep it and make it a statement piece.

For example, if you have an old, thick, knit sweater that everyone talks about, why not dye it? Change the look of it by pairing it up with a great shoe to compliment it or even add some blingy jewelry. Men and women both enjoy a little sparkle now-a-days—I know I do!

I’m not here to change anyone, I am here to help you zero in on your OWN style and save a ton of time and money! *wink-wink

Happy Styling, and see you in a couple weeks,

—Kenneth Craig

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