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Update Your Home In Some of the SIMPLEST Ways!


Nothing can reflect your personality and taste than an eye-catching art piece. It could be an oil painting, or a sculpture of figures. Make your home come alive by adding various pieces of art.


A stylish throw brings a sense of comfort, along with adding texture to your home decor. Use furry chic throws with bright and vibrant colors to add a touch of glamour to any living space.


Add a rustic and earthy touch to your home decor by bringing in wooden furniture or accent pieces. There are many ways to bring earthy touches into any space:

- live plants,

- wooden doors,

- paneling,

- a wooden coffee table, chairs or even wooden cabinets


Add a touch of bling/metallic! Small glitzy and/or metallic details adds a healthy dose of elegance to any home decor, and gives it a look that one usually finds in most luxe living spaces. Add fancy fixtures, door knobs in shades of gold, silver or copper to add shine.

To create simple, yet stylish, decor, you must be willing to experiment & use your imagination and creativity. Incorporate any of these decor ideas to instantly jazz up your home decor.

Happy Decorating, and see you in a couple weeks,

—Kenneth Craig

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